Introduction (2 minutes)
    Asked them what they think Illuminated Manuscripts are. Gave a brief background. Referenced examples of the work that I leaned against the board.
Table Talk (2 minutes)
     Asked them how they thought paper was made in the Middle Ages before we had Target and machines to make it. They talked in their table groups and came up with the best ideas! They were really into it.
Video (6 minutes)
     Before I showed it, I asked everyone to pay close attention and pull out one interesting thing they learned, because we would be sharing it after the movie.
Table Talk (2 minutes)
     Kids shared what they learned from the movie. They had really been paying attention! I walked around to facilitate and also hand out supplies.
Project (30 minutes)
     Explained the illustration part of the project. Once the first person finished, I explained the second part about the writing. Also, if they felt stuck, I invited them to walk up and look at the art to get inspired. (It was very orderly.)
Art Walk (3 min)
      Kids walked around and admired everyone's art. They chatted like it was a real art gallery, while I cleaned up the materials.

Illuminated Manuscripts - 3rd grade lesson

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