Meaning of Peace (平)

  • peaceful world without war
  • pleasant travels
  • harmony in relationship
  • a healthy life

Peace Knot:

a versatile decorative knot

The Chinese character (平) means "peace." The peace knot is not just a grand wish for world peace, but it is also an auspicious wish for pleasant travels. harmony in marriages, and a healthy life for everyone.

The peace knot is a very simble but beautiful knot because of its symmetry. Western cultures call it a "square knot," or specifically a "reef knot" when sailors use it. It is versatile for color and design combinations, providing much room for your creativity and imagination.

Knots and Characters

Do you know Chinese characters were originated from knots?

Culture and Symbolism

Interesting stories and custom behind knots

Fun Tutorials

Include 3 tutorials: peace knot, peace knot doll, and dragonfly.

Instructor: Sue

Engineer, Educator, and Knotting Enthusiast

As co-author of the book "Tie a Wish with Bracelets: Easy and Fun Chinese Knotting," which has earned a 5-star rating on Amazon, Sue brings the ancient art of Chinese knotting into the hands and hearts of a modern audience.

A software engineer by profession, Sue channels the meticulousness and problem-solving skills of her trade into her passion for teaching. With over 20 workshops conducted in local libraries and a spectrum of students ranging from eager youngsters to curious adults, she has refined a teaching style that is as informative as it is engaging, catering to all levels of crafters.

Join Sue and unravel the joys of knotting, where every twist and loop is a step towards mastering this timeless craft.

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Advanced Course:

Tie a Wish with Chinese Knotting:

Comprehensive course for Chinese Knotting. Including:

  • 10 different types of Chinese knotting tutorials.
  • 14 bracelet tutorials.
  • Inspiring Creativity at Work section.
  • Culture and symbolism meaning.
  • Technique
  • Knotting art appreciation

Forever Access Price: $125